Improving your Grammar to have a Better English Skills

by Mr. Mark Bennett

Currently, many of the teachers, professors and employers are going through the dreadful procedure of reading grammar-less sentences. Sentences filled with no commas, punctuations, and a lack of subject-verb agreement seems to be the latest grammar skills of people.

In this age of highly advanced technology and fastest internet, it can be surprising to know that majority of us can't write a proper sentence in English. Seriously, if you have any doubts, try to answer the grammar exercises available online. Our scores would be between 40-50 out of 100. That is below the average.

What could be the reason for such bad grammatical skills among people? Well, maybe it could be because of the quality of education provided at school, lack of interest from the student's side to improve grammar, and parent's inability to teach and correct grammar at home. Now let us review one by one the basic reasons for the sloppy grammar skills.

English was taught very thoroughly in the distant past. However, by the time many of us went to school and started to learn, the way that the English language was taught began to change. Many schools placed less emphasis on correct grammar, choosing instead to allow pupils to express themselves. Frankly, it is a good idea to allow children to express their ideas and thoughts, but without proper commas and punctuations is an obliterate method.

In order to express their ideas clearly and the message to be clearly understood, the use of proper grammar is necessary. It is highly vital for children to know the difference between commas and periods. Especially their usage. So it doesn't mean writing sentences in complex sentences. We need to write sentences that make sense and have proper subject-verb agreement.

Another reason for the poor grammar is the lack of interest from the student's side to develop grammatical skills. Students don't take the extra effort to improvise and harness their English skills. They feel that as long as the information is communicated and understood by the receiver, the need of grammar and proper sentence structure is not required. That is why in most twitter and facebook chats, youngsters use broken sentences and short forms. Especially short forms are constantly used by them. For example, for phone number they write as 'phno', reword it is 'rw' and for important it is 'imp'.

Usage of these short forms and broken sentences have influenced so much that you can see most of the semester and test papers having such sentences. It is annoying, but seemingly there is no other way to improve the grammatical skills unless students take the initiative to do so.

Many of us are caring parents, and we never realize how much worse our children are in grammar unless we see their grade marks in English or English homework. As a parent who is busy in the day to day life, it can be hard to sit with our children and help them with their homework. Nowadays, even to have a decent family time with our kids is a distant thing of the past.

There are various methods to improve grammar. You could try various online exercises and practice them. Doing some online grammar test will help you to understand more and develop your grammar skills. Reading books and articles on the web could also give you a clearing understanding of the different sentence structures to be used. You could also watch sitcoms and movies that have subtitles to know more about the words and spellings.

Lastly, to have an excellent grammar skill, keep writing daily at least a paragraph about any topic. You could do in on your PC or laptop or in a notepad. It will help you to improvise and recollect the things you have learned.

Mark is a freelance writer and columnist. He has written articles on English skill, communication skills, blogging, etc. Most of his free time is spent on surfing the web to collect information on the latest technology, current affairs and service providers who provide fastest internet

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