Focus on Grammar 1

Focus on Grammar 1

Clear, contextualized, and interactive, this five-level CD-ROM program provides a communicative review of English grammar that covers all language skills through a comprehensive, motivating, and fun practice of the grammar points and skills introduced in Focus on Grammar textbook series.

This is CD ROM_ level 1
CD-ROM software features contextualized, interactive activities for listening, reading, and writing practice.
contextualized exercises—including grammar, reading, listening, dictation, and speaking activities—provide students with extensive and meaningful lab practice.

Target structures are presented in full reading and listening passages to help students discover the grammar.
Dictation exercises provide students with controlled listening and writing practice.
Speaking exercises give students the opportunity for further oral practice of the vocabulary, grammatical structures, and themes introduced in the unit.
Review quizzes and reports help students monitor their own progress and work
A new From Grammar to Writing section provides students with additional writing practice based on unit topics through a series of controlled exercises leading to authentic pieces of writing that can be submitted for grading.
Automated feedback, such as hints and explanations, provides learner support and motivates students.
Engaging games provide fun opportunities to review key structures.

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