English Grammar Level 4 - لتعليم قواعد اللغة الانجليزية

This course in grammar and writing practice matches the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy and ensures pupils learn and practise core grammar skills in whole class, group, and individual sessions, and apply their learning to their own writing. Full teaching notes are given as three lesson plans per teaching objective, and the teacher's guides also offer differentiated copy masters and 'reminder sheets' to enable children to work independently and accurately. Detailed guidance is given on assessment. The pupil's books offer further authentic texts, and three levels of activity to ensure children's comprehension of the text, to secure their learning of the key grammar point, and to apply their learning to their own writing.

compound subjects and predicates
diagramming compound subjects and predicates
combining sentences
identifying two subjects and two predicates in a sentence
diagramming questions and commands
direct quotations
indirect quotations
writing a paragraph
concrete and abstract nouns
nouns of direct address
compound nouns
noun suffixes
dictionary skills
giving directions
predicate nouns
contractions formed with pronouns
helping verbs
verb phrases
verb tenses
writing a narrative paragraph
diagramming adjectives and adverbs