Using Coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)

Using Coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) - Learning English

These words are known as the “FANBOYS” group of connector" words which join two equal clauses (two equal ideas) of a sentence together to make a  single sentence. Use these coordinating connectors when you want to stress the equal importance of both clause ideas
تجمع ادوات الربط في كلمة واحدة "FANBOYS"

Coordinating conjunctions join equals to one another:

استخدام أدوات الربط في اللغة الانجليزية لربط كلمتين او جملتين متساويتين.


تستخدم لربط كلمتين

words to words:  Most children like cookies and milk.
                                He is a vain and arrogant man.
او اكثر من عبارة

phrases to phrases: The gold is hidden at the beach or by the lakeside.
We look for employees with outgoing personalities, the ability to solve problems quickly, and experience in the service industry.
وتستخدم ايضا لربط شبه الجملة

clauses to clauses:  What you say and what you do are two different things

                                         I like to dance, he likes to cook, and she likes to paint. 

When using and to join two independent clauses, make sure the two clauses are equal in importance.

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