show up - English phrasal verb تعليم الانجليزية

Phrasal verb: Show up

تعليم اللغة الانجليزية

show up

English Meaning 
Show up
- Attend something or arrive somewhere
- Become clear
- Make someone feel embarrassed 


 present tense

 -ing form

 past tense

past participle

show up
show up & shows up
showing up
showed up
shown up
 1- يحضر ، يصل
1. show up [informal] appear or arrive somewhere.
 I was supposed to meet my sister for lunch, but she hasn't shown up yet.
كان من المفترض أن أقابل أختي على الغداء ولكنها لم تصل بعد.
Over a hundred people showed up for the news conference.
حضر أكثر من مئة شخص للمؤتمر الصحفي.
She failed to show up for the doubles match.
فشلت في الوصول إلى منافسات الزوجي.
 2- يظهر للعيان، يبدو، يتضح
2. show up : appears or becomes visible, easy to see or notice.
Unauthorized transaction of $80 showed up in my bank account.
ظهر تحويل غير مرخص به لمبلغ 80 دولار في حسابي البنكي.
The money showed up in our account this morning.
ظهر المال في حسابنا هذا الصباح.
we were told that the bone was definitely broken - it had shown up on the X-ray.
In the sunlight, the decayed state of the house showed up clearly
 3- يحرج ،يخجل ، يشعر بالحرج
3. show up Make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed [ show up sb   - show sb up]
When the lawyer showed up, he was embarrassed.
عندما ظهر المحامي، كان محرجا
I showed up late, which embarrassed us.
وصلت متأخرا مما أحرجنا
At the last minute they showed up and felt embarrassed that they were underdressed.