Using English at Work (PDF + mp3) multimedia

Using English at Work
2008 | Intermediate and up 

Speak English at Work with Confidence
Do you ever get nervous speaking English with your co-workers because you’re not sure what the “right” word or expression is? After listening to Using English at Work, you will be better able to speak and write business English. Get it right with this complete course in daily English for businesspeople like you!
You’ll learn commonly used words and phrases that will help you succeed in English. The course includes 10 detailed lessons that describe each part of a typical workday. Learn vocabulary related to arriving at work, checking mail and email, attending office meetings, going to business lunches, handling computer problems, scheduling a meeting, meeting with your boss, and socializing with coworkers.

The 10 lessons are:
Lesson 1 – Arriving at Work
Lesson 2 – Checking Mail, Email, and Voicemail
Lesson 3 – Attending the Morning Meeting
Lesson 4 – Working at My Desk
Lesson 5 – Taking a Break/Eating Lunch
Lesson 6 – Having Computer Problems
Lesson 7 – Scheduling a Meeting
Lesson 8 – Meeting with the Boss
Lesson 9 – Leaving Work
Lesson 10 – Socializing with Coworkers