The Business Meetings Sourcebook

By: Eli Mina
ISBN: 081440670X
Publisher: American Management Association - 2002-06-15

A well-run meeting doesn't just start on time and end on time. It also saves you time! From hammering out project goals to smoothing over differences of opinion, the purpose of a meeting is to get things done.

The Business Meetings Sourcebook is a comprehensive and highly practical guide to planning, launching, and steering a meeting, on track and on time, to its most productive destination. Filled with sample scripts, a troubleshooting guide, checklists, and other tools, this rich source of ideas for continually improving meetings shows readers how to:

* Get a superb return on their investment in meetings * Generate respect for their team's decisions * Resolve or mediate disputes among team members * Give clear feedback that spurs others to action With its wide selection of tools, The Business Meetings Sourcebook turns meetings into more positive, productive business interactions.