Go out / Take out / Leave out / Try out الفرق بين

بعض أشباه الجمل في اللغة في الانجليزية

Go out يخرج، يقضى وقتا في الخارج
Take out استخرج، ازالة، قتل، تدمير
Leave out أخرج، ابراز
Try out قام بِتَجْرِبَة أو اخْتِبار

Meanings from the free dictionary
take out
a. To extract or remove: took the splinter out.
b. Slang To kill: gangsters plotting to take out their rivals.
c. Slang To destroy, as in an armed attack: The bombers took out the radio station.

go out
1. To become extinguished.
2. To go outdoors; leave one's residence: He went out at 7:00.
3. To take part in social life outside the home: goes out a lot.
4. To go out on dates or be romantically involved.
5. To feel sympathy or pity: My heart goes out to the storm victims.
6. To become unfashionable: High boots went out last year.
7. To undergo structural collapse: The bridge went out.

leave out
vb (tr, adverb)
1. to cause to remain in the open: you can leave your car out tonight.
2. to omit or exclude

try out
1. To undergo a competitive qualifying test, as for a job or athletic team.
2. To test or use experimentally.


Go out / Take out / Leave out / Try out
أريد أن أخرج لتناول العشاء وفي هذه الليلة أريد تجربة ذالك المطعم الجديد، وإذا لم يعجبني، فقط سوف أُخرج محفظتي لأدفع ولكن بدون البقشيش.