VIRTUES &VICES: Battle for the Soul

Battle for the Soul

From the dawn of time it all began.
Battles waged because of we.
The spirits fight for the souls of man.
A war is raging, don't you see.

Enemy of Truth, full of pride,
Lies to man and steals his soul.
The angel of darkness has denied,
The fall of Truth is his goal.

Never ceasing he prowls about,
Looking for souls to steal.
Using tools full of doubt
To further the worlds appeal.

Deceiving many, none to young.
He searches day and night.
Deceit and lies from his tongue,
Our soul is his delight.

The forces battle, the fight goes on,
For the souls of man.
Hope is near before the dawn,
Truth is the battle plan.

Forces deployed, the Light shines bright
For all the souls to see.
On our behalf, the Truth does fight
That all men may go free.

The war is raging; lines are drawn
We all must choose a side.
Black and White, all are pawns
None can run and hide.

The Spirit of Light shines above
On all that will believe.
Grace and mercy with His love,
A gift we must receive.

C. Dakota

A list of the seven heavenly virtues - to oppose the seven deadly sins

الخطايا السبعة والفضائل المضادة لها 

Vices الخطايا
Virtues  الفضائل
Pride  الكبرياء والغرور
Humility  التواضع
Greed  الجشع  
Liberality, mercy الاحسان والسخاء
Lust  الشهوة
Chastity العفه  
Anger, Wrath الغضب والحنق   
Patience, meekness الصبر والحلم
Gluttony الشره
Temperance القناعة
Envy الحسد
Kindness الكرم واللطف
Sloth الكسل
Diligence الاجتهاد  والشجاعة