No vs. Not - No.. Not really!!!


'No' vs 'not'. Which is correct?

NO goes with nouns تستخدم مع الاسماء

- No answers a yes/no question.
- Use 'no' with a noun or -ing form to mean 'not any', or 'not a/an'.

No smoking.
No one here. I didn't see anyone here.
I have NO time
The manager had no reason to support his request for a raise.

NOT goes with verbs  تستخدم مع الافعال

- Not precedes any, muchmany, or enough.        تاتي قبل الكلمات التالية
- To make a word  negative : Not good. Not enough!  لتجعل كلمة او تعبير سلبية

He swims well, but not very evenly.
I have NOT got any time / He is NOT handsome / She does NOT run quickly

الكلمتين No و Not لا تاتيان ابدا في جملة واحدة

Note: No and not are never used in the same sentence. For more information