Complement or Compliment - which one!


Which one to use compliment or complement?


اطراء، تهنئة، مجاملة، تملق
: a remark that says something good about someone or something
: an action that expresses admiration or approval
Think of "I," as in "I give compliments" or "I get complimented."

  • “Wow ! that was really good!”
  • The desserts are heavenly.

A Great compliment 
I met a friend for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. We both had the oatmeal. AMAZING!!!! It was a steaming bowl of pure perfection!! Dreamy, creamy goodness! I felt guilty eating it! The pot of coffee was lovely as well. In a charming warm diningroom. What a great way to start the day!!!!
قائمة ب235 مجاملة او تهنئة

1.You have very smooth hair.
2. You deserve a promotion.
3. Good effort!
4. What a fine sweater!


متمم، مكمل، ملحق
: something that completes something else or makes it better
Act of completing or perfecting; completion.

  • That shirt is a perfect complement for those pants.