Using There is and There are

there is vs. there are

English Grammar Rules:There is or there are 

نستخدم There is and There are  للاشارة الى  شيء موجود

في حالة الايجاب affirmative 

There's a cat in the room.
There are two cats in the room.

عند النفي negative 

There isn't a cat in the room.
There aren't two cats in the room.

للسؤال question

Is there a cat in the room?
Are there two cats in the room?


There is and Noncount nouns

تستخدم There is مع غير المعدود وليس There are 

 بامكانك القول
"There is some water on the floor."
"There is enough money to buy a car."
"There is no time to finish now."

Noncount nouns

"milk," "water," "air," "money," "food."