Ever and For ever

Learn as if you were to live forever

Ever & For ever

أبدا وأبد الآبدين وللأبد 
تستخدم للتعبير استمرارية حدث للابد حقيقة او مجازا

Do you ever visit london?
He is ever the one to make us laugh.
Thank You to my favorite English Teacher ever!

She was doomed to live for ever.
They swore to be true for ever.
She was forever watching soap operas on the telly (television).
No one can live forever.
She went on speaking forever

English Synonyms
ever; at all, any time, at any point or period, on any occasion,
in any case,

for ever, always, yet, still, even, at alltimes, in all cases, eternally, perpetually, endlesslym everlastingly,
continuously, continually, till the end of time, till the cows come home, till doomsday
forever, for good,