take off - phrasal verb

English Phrasal verbs "Take off"
English Phrasal verbs "Take off"

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English meaning: Take off
  •  to suddenly start being successful ; Make great progress
  • When a plane departs or leaves the ground 
  • Remove  
  • to arrange to spend some time away
  • When you leave suddenly


 present tense

 -ing form

 past tense

past participle

take off take off & takes off
taking off
took off
taken off

1- take off : to remove something that you are wearing: 
المعنى: يزيل أو ينزع أو يخلع  شيء يلبسه

I took off my clothes and got into bed.
I took my clothes off and got into bed.

المعني المضاد
opposite of: put on

2- take off: if a plane or bird takes off, it leaves the ground and rises into the air
المعنى: إقلاع الطائرة أو الطائر

The plane took off into the night sky.
اقلعت الطائرة الى السماء المظلمة

When does your plane take off?
متى تقلع طائرتك؟

opposite: land

3- take sth off: to arrange to spend some time away from your normal work in order to have a holiday or do something else:
المعنى: تخطط لقضاء بعض الوقت بعيدا عن الروتين

Why don't you take some time off - you need a break.
لم لا تأخذ إجازة - أنت  بحاجة للراحة

I take two weeks off every summer and go hiking, far away from phones or any other links with the office.

4- take off: to suddenly start being successful
المعنى: النجاح المفاجئ
Joe was a young actor whose career was just about to take off.

Internet shopping will really take off when people become convinced that it's safe to type in their credit card numbers.
سيزدهر التسوق الالكتروني فعلا عندما يقتنع الناس بأمان إدخال بيانات بطاقة الائتمان

The new restaurant's business is taking off because it got a good review in the news­paper.

5. take off  When you leave suddenly or quickly, you take off.
[informal تعبير غير رسمي]
المغادرة فجأة أو بسرعة

What's wrong with Ali? He just took off without saying goodbye.
ما هي مشكلة على؟ غادر فجأة بدون توديعنا