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   phrasal verb: put on

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put on

 present tense
 -ing form
 past tense
past participle
put on
put on & puts on
putting on
put on
put on

 1- يلبس ، يرتدي
1. put on - Start wearing
I put on my new dress before going to the party.
أرتدي  ثوبي الجديد قبل الذهاب إلى الحفلة.
I put my coat on before I went out.
أرتدي سترتي قبل أن أخرج. 
I put on my coat and scarf before I went out
  ألبس سترتي ووشاحي قبل أن أخرج

2- يضع على
2- English meaning:  When you place something on or apply something to another surface, you put it on.
I put the book on the table.
وضعت الكتاب على الطاولة
Jerry put too much fertilizer on his lawn, and now he has to cut it twice a week.
يضع جيري الكثير من السماد على حديقته والآن يجب عليه قصها مرتين في الأسبوع.
Examples أمثلة
I put on sunscreen before I went out.  أضع واقي الشمس قبل أن أخرج
The Wilson’s put a new roof on their house last year.
 I told the tailor to put red buttons on the dress he's making for me.
I put on shimmer body lotion before I went out
   I put on lipstick
She put on lip gloss
I put on Soft-lips
She put on makeup

put on

3- English meaning: When you put on weight, you gain weight ; get fat
How to Gain Weight?
3- يزيد وزنه :

I need to go on a diet. I've been putting on a lot of weight lately.
أريد أن أتبع حمية. كان وزني يزداد كثيرا مؤخرا.
He's put on a lot of weight since he gave up smoking.
ازداد وزنه كثيرا منذ أن اقلع عن التدخين.

How to Put on Good Weight?
If you put on too much weight during pregnancy it can be hard to shift after your baby is born.

4- يخدع ، يكذب ( عبارة غير رسمية)
4-English meaning: [informal] Deceive, lie

You won the lottery? You're putting me on!
لقد فزت باليانصيب؟ أنت تخدعني.

Don't put me on — tell me the truth.
لا تكذب علي - أخبرني الحقيقة

 I am not putting you on.
أنا لا أخدعك.

يمكن فصلها عن مفعولها  Separable
I put my coat on
I put on my coat
I put on my new dress
I put my new dress on

opposite: take off