come off - English phrasal verb تعليم الانجليزية

Phrasal verb: come off
تعليم اللغة الانجليزية

come off

 present tense
 -ing form
 past tense
past participle
come off
come off & comes off
 coming off
came off
 come off

English meaning:
  • come off: When something comes off, it becomes detached from what it was attached or fastened to.
  • عندما يكون شيء ما غير متماسك او منفصل  مثلا:  سقوط غلاف الكتاب القديم
    1- يسقط، منفصل ،
Be careful with this old book because the cover's coming off.
كن حذرا مع هذا الكتاب القديم لأن الغلاف سيسقط
  • When an event comes off, it is successful.
  • عند نجاح حدث معين
    2- ينجح،
The party came off well.
كانت الحفلة رائعة .

  • When you say "Come off it" to someone, you are saying that you don't believe what they're saying; used as an imperative; stop saying or doing that

  • للتعبير عن "عدم تصديقك" أو أن كلام هذا الشخص  "كلام  فارغ"
    3- توقف عن قول او فعل ذالك، 

    محادثة Conversation
kid 1: I fought with Tyson and I won.   قاتلت تايسون وفزت
kid 2: Really!                                          
Kid1: Yeah, I'm not lying!                         
kid2: come off it!  you can't even defeat me?    
توقف عن ذالك ، لا تستطيع حتى هزيمتي؟
kid1: Okay, I'm just kidding.                 

 Example مثال

Come off it, John, tell the truth!   
   توقف عن الكذب جون، قل الحقيقة!

Oh come off it. It's even simpler than that.