come from - phrasal verb تعليم الانجليزية

Phrasal verb: come from
تعليم اللغة الانجليزية

 درس "ياتي من / يعيش في"

present tense -ing form  past tense past participle
come from come from  & comes from coming from  came from  come from

المعنى الأول: عاش او وُلد ، عندما تعيش او تقضي طفولتك في محيط ما  
English meaning 1:  When you come from a place, you were born there or lived there previously.

Mike comes from Alaska, so he's used to cold weather.

عاش مايك في ألاسكا لذالك هو معتاد على الطقس البارد

Jane had a difficult childhood. She came from a broken home.

عانت جين من طفولة صعبة. جاءت من بيت مفكك (عاشت مع أسرة غير مترابطة).

المعنى الثاني: عندما ياتي شيء من مصدر فهذا يعني انه نشا منه او مبدأه  " كل شيء يرجع إلى أصله"

English meaning 2: When something comes from a source, that is where it originated.

The word "admiral" comes from an Arabic word.
تأتي كلمة "أميرال" من أصول عربية

The mechanic heard a strange sound coming from the engine.
سمع الميكانيكي صوتا غريبا يصدر من المحرك

Examples أمثلة
And when the end comes from dust to dust we go.
Paper comes from trees.
What Comes From Trees?
Nothing comes from nothing.
Power Comes From Experience.
Oil comes from sedimentary rocks.
Where did the Moon come from?

He came from UAE to US to learn Enlish
They came from different countries to learn English.
Where we came from?
Where you came from?