Round-Up 3 لتعليم المستوى الثالث في اللغة الإنجليزية

Round-Up Grammar Practice

Round-Up Grammar Practice provides basic English grammar practice for beginning/low intermediate-level English language learners. This affordable, five-part, interactive CD series allows discrete grammar practice through creative exercises and games. Although geared toward young learners, Round-Up is also appropriate for adult beginners

Plurals of countable and uncountable nnouns
personal pronouns
possessives /demonstatives
Revision Exercises 1
expressing Quantitiy
present simple
present continuous
past simple 
Revision Exercises 2
present perfect
future simple (will /be going to)
yes /no questions /wh -questions
prepositions o time / place / movement
Revision Exercises 3
The imparatives 
Adjectives /Adverbs /comparisons
Modal verbs
Infinitive /The -ing form /Too -enough
Revision Exercises 4
Progress tests
irregular verbs