Grammarway2 كتاب قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية

English grammar way 2

Grammarway is a series of four grammar books in full colour. Learners of English at beginner to intermediate level can systematically practise and revise English grammar structures. The series can be used to supplement any main coursebook at secondary level and is suitable both for self-study and classroom use.

Grammar way 2
Unit1 Present Continuous - Present Simple (Present Simple vs Present Continuous)
Unit2 Past Simple (Regular/Irregular Verbs) - Used to
Unit3 Past Continuous ( Past Continuous vs Past Simple)
Unit4 Present Perfect Simple (Past Simple vs Present Perfect Simple)
Unit5 The Future (Future Simple - Be going to - Present Continuous )
Unit6 Relatives (Relative Pronouns /Adverbs - Identifying/Non-Identifying Clauses)
Unit7 Present Perfect Continuous (Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple)
Unit8 Pronouns - Both/Neither - All/None - Possessives
Unit9 Models Verbs I ( Must/Have to/Mustn't - Needn't - Can/Could/Be able to)
Unit10 The Infinitive - Too/Enough - The " -ing form"
Unit 11 ... 20

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