Basic English Grammar 1 كتاب قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية

Basic English Grammar 1

This worktext presents basic structures and vocabulary in a step-by-step building process, along with lots of opportunity for practice through varied exercises. Covers all basic English grammar structures and concepts through clear, concise charts and examples. For beginning-level ESL learners.

1 What is Grammar?
2 The Capital Letter
3 Nouns
Common Nouns
Proper Nouns
Singular Nouns
Plural Nouns
Collective Nouns
Masculine and Feminine Nouns
4 Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
Refexive Pronouns
Interrogative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
5 Adjectives
Adjective Endings
Kinds of Adjectives
Comparison of Adjectives
6 Determiners
The Articles
Demonstrative Determiners
Interrogative Determiners
Possessive Determiners
13 Sentences
What is a Sentence?
Kinds of Sentences