English Step by step 1 - Pupil's Book


English Step by step 1 - Pupil's Book
Elizabeth Weal is an ESL teacher in Redwood City, CA and a former journalist. When she could not find a grammar book that was appropriate for her Spanish-speaking students, she decided to write the book herself. In addition to Teaching English Step by Step, she has written English Grammar: Step by Step and Grammatical. There are two levels of each of these books.

Lesson 1 : I can see...
    What can you see?
    Who can see?
Lesson 2 : I cannot see...
    Can you see...?
    Yes, I can.
    No, I cannot.
Lesson 3 : I have got...
    What have you got?
Lesson 4 : What has Jojn/Sal got?
    He has got...
    She has got...
    Have you got...?
    Yes, I have.
    No, I have not.

And there are 76 other lessons.