Preposition : After حرف الجر

1 After means later than or following. بمعنى آجلا او التالي

Pattern 1: be + after + noun
The reception is after the wedding ceremony

 لإستقبال بعد حفل الزفاف

Pattern 2: after + gerund form of verb + noun
After finishing your homework, you can watch television.

 يمكنك مشاهدة التلفزيون بعد الإنتهاء من واجبك

Pattern 3: after (conjunction) + subject noun + verb
After you finish your homework, you can watch television.

 عندما تنهي واجبك ظن يمكنك مشاهدة التلفزيون

Pattern 4: verb + after (conjunction) + subject noun + verb
The boss left after I came in.

غادر المدير بعد مجيئي

2 After can mean lower in value or rank. ممكن أن تعنى الإنخفاض في القيمة او المنزلة
That school's athletes placed after ours in the playoffs.

وُضع رياضيوا تلك المدرسة بعدنا في التصفيات

3 After can mean in pursuit of. بمعنى في مطاردة

Pattern: verb + after + noun
The cat ran after the mouse. ركضت القطة خلف الفأر

Verbs often used before after:
be, come, go, run

4 After can mean because of. بمعنى بسبب

Pattern: adjective . . . + after + noun
He was mad at her after her behavior at the party.

كان غاضبا منها بسبب تصرفها في الحفلة

Typical nouns used after after:
attitude, behavior, failure, kindness, manners, outburst, reaction, success

5 After can mean in spite of. على الرغم من

Pattern: after + verb in gerund form
After reading this article three times, I still don't understand it.

 على الرغم من قرائتي لهذا المقال ثلاث مرات ، ما زلت لا أفهمه

6 After can mean in the style of. باسولب او بطريقة

Pattern: noun + after + noun
The school play was a drama after Shakespeare.

كانت مسرحية المدرسة دراما على طريقة شكسبير

7 After can indicate continuously. باستمرار

Pattern: time period + after + same time period
The man waited night after night for his telephone to ring.

انتظر الرجل هاتفه أن يرن ليلة بعد ليلة باستمرار 

Life got harder year after year. أصبحت الحياة صعبة سنة بعد سنة
His mother told him time after time to clean up his room.

طلبت منه أمه مرة بعد مرة تنظيف غرفته

Nouns often used with this meaning: أسماء تستخدم غالبا مع هذا المعنى
day, hour, month, night, time, week, year