Grammar Practice Book - Grade6 كتاب تمارين قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية

English Grammar Practice Book

This Grammar Practice Book offers opportunities to apply the conventions of language in meaningful context, as they are taught in reciprocal reading and writing activities.

An answer key is included.

Lesson 1: Sentences
Lesson 2: Subjects and Predicates
Lesson 3: Compound Subjects and Predicates
Lesson 4: Simple and Compound Sentences
Lesson 5: Review
Lesson 6: Prepositional Phrases
Lesson 7: Clauses and Phrases; Complex Sentences
Lesson 8: Compound-Complex Sentences
Lesson 9: Common and Proper Nouns
Lesson 10: Review
Lesson 11: Singular and Plural Nouns
Lesson 12: Possessive Nouns
Lesson 13: Subjective and Objective Case Pronouns; Antecedents
Lesson 14: Possessive and Reflexive Case Pronouns; Indefinite Pronouns
Lesson 15: Review
Lesson 16: Adjectives
Lesson 17: Main and Helping Verbs
Lesson 18: Action and Linking Verbs
Lesson 19: Verbs - Simple Tenses; Present Tense
Lesson 20: Review
Lesson 21: Verbs - Simple Tenses; Past and Future
Lesson 22: Principal Parts of Verbs
Lesson 23: Regular and Irregular Verbs
Lesson 24: Verbs - Perfect Tenses
Lesson 25: Review
Lesson 26: Verbs - Progressive Forms
Lesson 27: Contractions
Lesson 28: Adverbs
Lesson 29: Punctuation - Quotation Marks and Colons
Lesson 30: Review