Learning English: Describing A Person

Describing A Person - learn English

He is sixty-two and likes to joke with everybody. Almost all the people of his village know him and they take care of him when they don’t see him, he’s old and seems to be sick but he doesn’t think in himself he thinks how he’s going to make people happy. If you don’t know him and you look at his face for the first time you’ll say that he had passed from many things.

His back is arched with old age. He has a pot-balley and he’s getting bold. He likes to keep the last few hair he has short. His skin color is white. He likes to wear blue t-shirts and trousers. He is neither tall nor short. He doesn’t smoke and doesn’t encourage anybody to do so.

He has been married for so long and he is still loves his wife. He always send her roses on their Anniversary and Valentine’s Day. God gave him three gifts – his children. He has two nephews and two nieces.
Now he can’t really talk, as he wants to because he suffered from a stroke. He has diabetes and his leg had been cut off. Now to walk he has to use an artificial leg. Above all he needed a heart by-pass operation. All these things in just two years.

He goes to church everyday, as he is very religious. He says that God has a plan for his family for being patient with him. He has much courage and for his family he is ready to do everything. His favorite and youngest niece often goes with him to church. They like to pass time together; they’re like best friends. He hopes that in the future no one has to pass from the things he passed. This is the story of John Smith.