Easier English Intermediate Dictionary

This dictionary contains the essential words and phrases needed for everyday communication by learners of English and information on how these words and phrases are commonly used. It builds on the Easier English™ Basic Dictionary and is especially useful for intermediate learners of all ages who are expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of English. Each main word, including compound words and phrasal verbs, has its own easy-to-find entry in bold type and a pronunciation in the International Phonetic Alphabet. The relative frequency of the most commonly used words is indicated. Common phrases, verb patterns and idioms associated with the main term are shown in bold type and separately defined within the entry.

The meanings of the main common senses of each word are given clearly and
simply, using a limited and easily understood vocabulary. Meanings are grouped
together by their part of speech. Examples are given for words that are likely to be
used in practice, to provide patterns for the user’s own production of English
sentences. The prepositions that are regularly used with a word are also shown for
common words, in square brackets. Some less frequently encountered words,
which may only need to be recognised and understood, are given definitions only.
Noted at the end of some entries are words with a different part of speech whose
meanings can be easily understood from the rest of the entry.
Extra help is offered in Notes at the end of some entries. These include warnings
about words which can be confused with each other and unusual inflected forms.
The major differences between US and British spelling are noted