What are adjectives?

  • Adjectives are word that are used to clarify a noun.
  • Adjectives can me one word or a group of words.
  • Adjectives are sometimes used with certain verbs (such as the verb "to be"). Adjectives are used to clarify the subject that is doing the action.
  • Adjectives are used to describe color, material, shape, size, amount, price, quality, origin, personality, weight, temperature, weight, age, direction, etc.

Adjectives usage

  • Adjectives are placed before the noun.
  • Adjectives can be used with all forms of nouns .

Adjectives with nouns:

  • My teacher is really nice.
  • I was teaching in a really big high school, while I was going working on my master's degree.
  • The university that my oldest brother is going to is really nice.
  • The English teacher gave us a hard project.

Adjective with verbs:

  • The teacher is tall and thin.
  • Our professor is a really nice man.