Grammar Time 3

English Grammar Time 3
Grammar time reflects the likes and interests of young learners and puts grammar in imaginative and humorous contexts that make learning fun. Grammar Time 2 makes grammar even more enjoyable new recorded cartoon presentations reinforce comprehension and new multi-rom with interactive practice and games encourages learners to have fun with grammar at home. The lower levels of new grammar Time has simplified grammar boxes and an oral activity at the end of each unit which gives students plenty of opportunity to use the language. 

Contents :1- 'To be', subject pronouns
2- Articles, plural nouns
3- Demonstrative pronouns
4- 'There is', 'there are', prepositions of place
5- 'Can'
6- Imperatives, object pronouns
7- Possessive case, 'whose?'
8- 'Have got', possessive adjectives and pronouns
9- 'Same', 'any', countable, uncountable nouns
10- 'How much', 'how many', quantifiers
11- Comparaision of adjectives
12- Present continuous
13- Present simple
14- Present simple, present continuous
15- Adverbs of frequency, time markers
16- The future
17- 'Was', 'were'
18- 'Past simple' (regular verbs)
19- 'Past simple' (irregular verbs)
20- Present perfect
21- Modal verbs
22- Questions, question tags