Making Sense Phrasal Verbs

Making Sense Phrasal Verbs
Acquiring an understanding of phrasal verbs is essential to mastering spoken English. Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs covers this troublesome area in a humorous and lively way. Learners are guided to an understanding of meaning by the use of carefully worded cue questions and through controlled and then freer practice of the newly learned verb forms. Includes a reference section with meaning check, context sentences and collocations. For self-study or in class use.

The reference section contains an alphabetical listing of all the phrasal verbs in the book with:

- a clear defintion for each phrasal verbs
- a list of words that naturally collocate with each phrasal verbs
- context sentences

Unit 1 find out, look for, look up, look over, look round, look into
Unit 2 take after, grow up, look after, bring up, do up (1), look back
Unit 3 put through, speak up, cut off, hold on, get through (1), stand for
Unit 4 break down (1), break up (1), break off, make up (1), make up for, fall out
Unit 5 drop in, run into, come into, run in, come across, get round (1)
Unit 6 break out in, break down (2), go down, pass out, come round/come to,
get over
Unit 7 work out, point out, make out (1), think over, come up with, make up (2)
Unit 8 hold up (1), see off, drop off (1), take off (1), pick up, set off
Unit 9 call off, put off (1), be taken aback, be over, be off (1), give out
Unit 10 try on, wear out (1), do up (2), take off (2), go with, put on
Unit 11 give (oneself) up (1), try out, give up (2), catch on, give up (3), drop off (2)
Unit 12 get round (2), go through, mistake for, be off (2), take in, give in
Unit 13 look up to, cheer up, put (someone) off (2), look down on, look forward
to, put up with
Unit 14 soak up, break up (2), tell off, beat up, go for, calm down
Unit 15 tear up, check in, make out (2), take up, fill in, take down
Unit 16 take over, pass away/pass on/pass over, turn into, wear off, brush up,
Unit 17 get away with, let down, get away, own up, let out, let off
Unit 18 turn down, drop out, carry out, fall through, lay off, put forward
Unit 19 go off, put out, blow up (1), cut down on, blow up (2), break out
Unit 20 get through (2), hold up (2), run out of, break into, burn down, wear

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