Helen Doron- Early English : Baby's Best Start

Early English for children

Helen Doron Early English for children

This internationally acclaimed English learning system stimulates a child's natural ability to learn through repeated hearing at home, and play activities in the class - creating a positive, fun-filled environment that gives children the ability to learn English as if it was their native tongue.

Baby's Best Start - For infants aged 3 months up to 22 months and parents or grandparents

In Baby's Best Start, babies and toddlers learn and experience:

Over 550 words
Fun activities important for infant development
Quality time and bonding activities for lifelong love and self-esteem
Emotional, cognitive, sensory and physical development activities
24 new English songs, activities and chants
Rhythms and music from around the world
Baby Sign Language!
Fun, laughter and learning with other parents and babies
Baby's Best Start is designed to stimulate the development of:
Language skills
Emotions (holding, bonding, parental attention, positive feedback)
Senses remote (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching) internal (muscles, vestibular system)
Gross motor coordination
Fine motor coordination
The Baby's Best Start Learning Set contains:
4 Sunny Story Books teaching senses to babies
4 Parent Text Books (to follow texts and write what baby liked best during the course)
4 CDs - including songs, rhymes, stories and vocabulary
Information leaflets
A carry-case for learning materials and other items you need for class