Grammar - A Friendly Approach

Grammar - Friendly Approach

This is a grammar book with a difference. It brings grammar to life by giving examples of grammatical problems in the contexts where they arise by including a soap opera. As the characters’ grammar improves, so will yours.

It blends a story about three students – Barbara, Kim and Abel - with advice on specific areas of grammar. The characters’ story builds throughout the book, but each chapter can be read separately if readers want to focus on specific grammatical issues.

The book examines and clearly explains aspects of grammar, language use and punctuation such as:

* Academic language
* Standard English
* Correct use of tenses
* Active and passive voices
* Sentence construction and punctuation
* When and where to place an apostrophe
* Using grammar checkers

There are exercises to encourage the reader to relate the issues to their own practice and experiences, as well as an extensive glossary which defines the terms that are used throughout the book.

Grammar: A Friendly Approach is based around issues at university but students from schools and colleges will also love this irreverent look at the rules of grammar: Their teachers and tutors will also see rapid and noticeable improvements in students’ written work.

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