English Discoveries

Ultimate Multimedia English Learning

The goal of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of all essential English structures and approximately 3500 vocabulary items as well as exposure to practice with authentic language at their own level. The entry level is zero (no knowledge at all required) and the exit level is the threshold Level of the Council of Europe.

Key Pedagogical Principles:

  • Integrated Modalities of Language Learning
  • An eclectic educational approach including specific practice of different skills along with use of authentic language.
  • Division of the course into stand-alone modules with each module covering specific grammar subjects, language skills and approximately 300 new vocabulary items
  • Based on accepted curricula (Council of Europe, Berlitz Schools) with the documentation of the topics and vocabulary used in each module.
  • Maximum re-entry and reuse of vocabulary and structures throughout the course.
  • Multiple options of covering the material in order to account for individual differences and styles in educational goals including: directive learning (through set lessons), selective learning (through choice of different language skills) and exploratory non-directive learning (through use of English in a game situation).
  • Use of adaptive evaluation where all language, vocabulary and reading exercises automatically adapt themselves to student performance insuring that students are practicing at their own level.
  • Availability of tools which take advantage of the capabilities of the computer (i.e. word processor, multi-lingual lexicon, context-sensitive help, grammar book).

List of English inventions and discoveries

English Discoveries