IELTS and New Inventor

The introduction to The New Inventors for 1st October 2008.
Invention No. 1: Swarm
Page , Alison; Hobbs, Bernie; Bradfield Moody, James; Satchell, Christine
Inventions That Shook The World: The Mobile Phone
Be on The New Inventors: Details of how to be on The New Inventors.

Invention No. 2: WiseMan LadaFast
Hobbs, Bernie; Bradfield Moody, James; Wiseman, Chris; Wiseman, Cecil; Page , Alison
Transport Inventions: The New Inventors will next week host a special program on transport

Invention No. 3: Accessible Child Proof Latch
Bradfield Moody, James; Brown, Neville; Page , Alison; Hobbs, Bernie
Judges' Deliberation and Winner's Announcement: The judges deliberate and decide The Accessible Childproof Latch as the winner for episode 35. Includes details of how to vote in the People's Choice Award.
Bradfield Moody, James; Hobbs, Bernie; Page , Alison