ESL for children

This dvd helps introduce young viewers to zoo animals and the wonders of magic tricks while learning basic English expressions, vocabulary and sentence structures. Episodes include: A Zoo For Jenny Kids learn the names of a host of familiar animals in this fun program featuring Tingo and Niki assembling a "zoo" of stuffed animals for her cousin, Jenny. Young learners will discover how to use important constructions such as "I have," "I need" and "I want" as well as the opposites "big" and "small." Children will learn to ask, "Is that..." and to respond, "No, it isn't." Includes Cookie Monster presenting the letter "Z." Where Is It? In this amusing program, Tingo performs magic tricks. Children will learn to ask, "Where is..." as well as learn common responses such as "It's there" and "There it is!" Useful everyday vocabulary is presented to young learners, including "box," "homework," "here" and "there," while the opposites "big" and "small" are also reviewed. Includes a tango for letters "P" and "B," and introduces the number "8."