853 English Grammar Tests

853 English Grammar Tests
You probably think to yourself that grammar is important when you want to speak correct English. And you are right of course. However, thousands of people ask themselves: How can I learn English grammar? What would you give to get an answer to this question? Well, in a few moments you can embark on your own individual journey to a high level of grammar proficiency.

But first let's take a look at the conventional grammar teaching methods and the reason they fail. The vast majority of English learners attend English classes in the hope that a teacher can teach them English grammar. They think that they must learn grammar rules and read a lot of grammar explanations. Their teacher tells them that grammar rules are important and without a good knowledge of grammar they can't speak correct English. So the students try hard to study all the grammar rules of English. Do you know how many rules there are? There are thousands of them and it is simply impossible to learn them all through conventional methods. Most English teachers won't tell you this but it's a fact that in order to speak correct English you actually don't have to learn grammar rules. Do you speak your native language correctly? You most certainly do. Now, how many theoretical grammar rules of your mother tongue can you explain? How often do you think about grammar rules when you speak in your native language? Why then do you think you need to be able to explain grammar rules when speaking English? What you need is to learn correct English rather than grammar rules. You want to use English as a means of communication, you don't want to give lectures on English grammar, do you?

The English Grammar Test Collection you are about to obtain has been specifically designed to help you learn correct English in a very dramatic way. Instead of studying complicated rules and explanations you will absorb English phrases and expressions easily. What you need is to trust in the capabilities of your subconscious mind. Yes, don't waste your mental energy on cramming grammar rules into your head. Concentrate on the important things. The sentences in your English Grammar Test Collection contain a large number of commonly used expressions and phrases and all you have to do is take the multiple choice questions several times until you are absolutely confident as to the correct answer. That's it. Instead of learning grammar rules, you will be learning correct English expressions. Your subconscious mind will absorb these phrases and detect the underlying pattern.

Don't worry about explanations. Simply enjoy your learning progress and be happy because you know what is correct. Don't bother with the question why it is correct. Remember how you learned your mother tongue. You know WHAT sounds correct without being able to explain WHY it is correct. It's the job of linguists to give complicated explanations on grammar questions. And that's exactly what you will find in the vast majority of English grammar books: Longwinded explanations and descriptions of rules. You have to ask yourself whether you really need all this information. Do you want to earn a living by explaining grammar rules? Who is interested in all these explanations? Your goal is to learn correct English and you can achieve this by reading the sentences of your English Grammar Test Collection over and over again. Learn them by heart and you will see that your brain is able to create new sentences following the same patterns. It's exactly how you learned your mother tongue. No matter what other English language teachers might tell you — the single most powerful method of learning English grammar is to learn as many correct English phrases and expressions as possible. As a matter of fact, the author of your English Grammar Test Collection, Alan Townend has been teaching English grammar for several decades. Over this long period of time he has collected the most commonly made grammar errors by students of English. Now you can benefit from this great wealth of expertise and experience. Delve right into the world of English grammar and explore for yourself. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the items you will easily be able to learn:
expressions and idioms with prepositions
active vs. passive voice
how to use the conditionals
how to use the English tenses correctly
how to ask questions
how to add question tags
how to use conjunctions
tense agreement
gerund vs. infinitive

You will find a complete list of grammar topics. So what are you waiting for? What are the alternatives to learning English grammar in context? Think about it. Just how effective was the last English class you attended? But don't think too long, make up your mind and start your English Grammar Journey today!

English Grammar Tests