Shortcuts for the Student Writer

Shortcuts for the Student Writer

Based on the popular textbook Rules of Thumb, this handy quick-reference guide has been designed for use by students or anyone else in need of writing advice. It's an all-in-one, at-aglance resource that provides fast, concise answers to common questions about:

When you're a student, writing an assignment that's due tomorrow, you don't have time to flip through a massive grammar textbook or study a style and usage guide. You need Shortcuts for the Student Writer, the ultimate all-in-one reference source with fast and easy answers to all your writing questions. Everything you need to know--grammar, style, usage, and punctuation--is here in one quick-reference volume. Designed especially for the student writer, this handy guide even includes special sections on researching and writing term papers and essays.

The Smartest Way to Avoid Stupid Mistakes
Find quick answers to the most common questions: Its or it's? There, they're, or their? Good or well? Lay or lie? All right or alright?

The Fastest Way to Check Grammar and Punctuation
Learn when to capitalize, abbreviate, or italicize--and how to use periods, commas, colons, semicolons, dashes, quotation marks, and parentheses.

The Easiest Way to Fix Faulty Sentences
Discover simple solutions for run-on sentences, tangled sentences, dangling modifiers, shifting tenses, sentence fragments, and other errors.

The Best Way to Organize and Research a Paper
Take advantage of the latest tools and technologies to create an effective work that's well written, well developed, and well documented.
Formal Correspondence
Searching the Web
Creating templates
And more