Simple Past الماضي البسيط في اللغة الانجليزية

Simple past in English language- Action finished in the past.


Today is 15/8/2008

The date yesterday was 14/8/2008

Verb "to be" is an irregular verb!

I                              am                     I                      was
You/they/we          are             You/they/ we         were

  He/she/it               is                He/she/it                was


    * In English we have regular verbs e.g. verb "to work" and irregular verbs e.g.: verb "to be".

 * Make a simple past with a regular verb like this:

verb + ed ending. 

Compare these sentences using regular verbs in the Present tense and in the Past tense:
Present tense                                               Past tens

He watches TV every day                      He watched TV yesterday

I cook meals on Sunday                        My mum cooked the dinner yesterday.
She walks to school every day.              He walked to the cinema last night.
I work at the university                          He worked in his garden yesterday.

  Common irregular verbs in english:
Present          Past                       Example of  past tense

find                found                        He found the book in the libary.

 do                  did                           He did his homework yesterday.
 go                   went                       She went to a restaurant last night.
make              made                        She made a cake on Sunday.

 lose                 lost                        He lost his hat on his way home.